Who We Are

Tim Helweg-Larsen

Tim is an energy expert. In 2007 he coined the term “Zero Carbon” 10 years ahead of his time. Tim was CEO of Public Interest Research Centre, a think-tank focusing on energy, environment and economic issues. Tim has provided evidence alongside James Hansen (NASA), UK government chief scientific advisor and the chief climate science advisor to DEFRA.

Tim also guided the offshore-power valuation for the UK, helped create the Quarry Battery Company and led the EnergyBank project.

Tim is a leader on energy markets and regulatory compliance, and helped shape the companies market overview and its strategy for trading and regulated revenues.

Scott Urban

Scott is a world-class economist who specialises in economic policy and creates robust and accessible economic models. He also teaches economics at Oxford University, Hertford College.

He advises on economic diversification, exchange-rate policy, and crisis resilience. His experience includes advisory work for a host of governments, think-tanks and transnational corporations.

Argemiro Rivera

Argemiro is a water expert. He has developed a deep understanding of the impact of flooding and climate change within the United Kingdom.

He is also an innovator, creating the first flood risk company that managed to integrate all the flood risk databases into a single access point for England. His work has led to easier access and understanding of the impact of flooding in communities, infrastructure and developments around the UK.