What We Do

Oxford Scientia helps public and private clients to develop and implement energy, climate-change and economic interventions to protect their future

Our work rages from advising clients on the future of energy, designing financial early warning systems and supporting our clients on protecting their assets against climate change.

We base our high quality advice on comprehensive and rigorous analysis and research.

Areas of expertise

Create robust economic futures

We develop economic models at a variety of levels, from the individual organisation or firm to the macro-economy. Our models provide stress testing to inform key decisions, from capital allocation to clean GDP growth. This includes scenario analysis and planning for major governments, corporations, and investors.

We link the conceptual policies with concrete investments to provide advantageous, strategic decision-making.

Look at the future of energy

We look at the development of the energy sector differently than most consultants. We have a track record on creating key ground breaking ideas such as “zero carbon Britain”.

Our independent advice is rooted in a deep knowledge of the energy sector, public and private climate policy frameworks and project development.

We work with public and private energy companies and sectors to develop frameworks that future-proof investments and create a more sustainable planet.

Mitigate climate change

Increases in temperature and the variability of precipitation are having an immense impact on assets and communities around the world.

Our consultants are able to identify these changes and adapt investments to this uncertain future. We work in collaboration with public and private bodies to create dynamic and living designs that offset the effects of climate change.