Our Initiatives

Our consultants have allowed the creation of new energy models in the UK and helped to unlock investment

Our consultants have allowed the creation of new energy models in the UK and help to unlock investment. This work has allowed the creating of new future business.

These initiatives have been developed over the years by our consultants.

Our Initiatives

Energy Bank

The EnergyBank project explored a transformational way to finance renewable energy. The idea is to enable energy users to invest in utility-scale renewable energy assets and for the energy they generate to be credited to their energy bill. The net result is lower, more stable energy costs for the consumer and a way to unlock new low-cost capital for renewables projects.
At least two new energy companies are now forming that share the principles we pioneered. We look forward to a future where energy is clean and owned by all of us.

Diversification strategy

Scott has advised governments of oil-intensive exporting economies on best-practice in economic diversification — citing specifically the progress already made by oil-rich Colombia. Tapping into a rich and thriving research literature, Scott advises on strategies to allow the economy to find its path toward a higher-value-added, higher-income future, based on existing advantages coupled to upskilling, education and leapfrogging to strategic new technologies.

Quarries as Batteries

Glyn Rhonwy will be the first pumped storage scheme to be built in the UK for over forty years.

This novel idea uses abandoned quarries as the reservoirs. The project has secured planning permission. It will reduce the energy system cost to the UK by allowing renewably generated power to be used even at night and on wind-free days.

Oxford Scientia’s consultant originated the idea, undertook the initial feasibility study and identified and secured exclusive use of the quarry site.


Economic modelling

A model of the macro-economy can help test assumptions and ensure that outcomes align with inputs. We’ve built macro-models of several South-east Asian economies and Sub-Saharan African economies. Scott’s expertise brings particular emphasis to balance-of-payments and exchange-rate implications of macroeconomic scenarios. This allows an insight into decarbonization implications and a realistic connection to targets for de-emphasising hydrocarbons. This enables planning that integrates diverse targets such as decarbonisation rate, employment, and balance of payments.

Zero Carbon Britain

Tim coined the phrase Zero Carbon Britain and led the report of the same name. The first analysis of its kind, the report showed that the technology exists for Britain to survive and thrive without fossil fuels. The report inspired one of the UK’s political parties to adopt the vision as their own.
You can access the report in full.

Off-shore Valuation

It had long been assumed the UK had the largest offshore energy resource in Europe but there was no analysis to support this. Tim inspired the UK’s Climate and Energy Minister, Ed Miliband, to give the report his support. Tim went on to convene and chair the Offshore Valuation Group of 14 government and industry bodies who lent their expertise and funded the initiative.

The report found that the UK could power itself six times over and become an exporter of clean power to Europe.


Flood Management

The simplicity and reliability of flood risk information in the UK is paramount to protect assets at risk. We helped clients make investment decisions based on reliable and responsive flood data.
The result of this work can be seen in the Urban Water webpage.